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Partners in Torah

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn Hebrew, understand the weekly Torah portion, or delve into the mysteries of G-d and his world. Only the class room setting is not for you….

Partners in Torah

Partners in Torah teams you up with a carefully chosen personal mentor for an hour a week of stimulating learning.

  • You get to ask any questions you wish…
  • You set the pace…
  • It’s only one hour a week…
  • It’s absolutely free!

Together you’ll explore whatever topic interests you most:

  • Hebrew Reading
  • Bible/Weekly Torah Portion
  • Jewish History
  • Code of Jewish Law
  • Prayer
  • Dating/Marriage
  • Mishna
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Holidays and Customs
  • Ethics

The choices are virtually endless.

One hour… many partnerships All the partnerships gather at Migdal Torah every Tuesday evening for an hour of study.

It is an opportunity to meet people like yourself. It is an opportunity to meet people who are very different. It is a chance to share your experiences with others and to have others share their experiences with you. Because sharing is what partnerships are all about.

To find out more about Partners in Torah call (773) 465-7600

It will be the start of a great relationship!