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Ahavas Chessed (Loving Kindness) – Nature or Nurture? (Parsha Vayera)

Date: October 22, 2013 Speaker: Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter

Ahavas Chessed (Loving Kindness) – Nature or Nurture? (Parsha Vayera)

Title – Ahavas Chessed (Loving Kindness) – Nature or Nurture?

Parsha(s) –  Vayera

Type – Religion & Spirituality

Year – 2013

Duration – 40:41

in Memory of HoRav Ovadya Yosef zt”l

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Is being a “nice guy”, (ready to give anyone the shirt off of your back) sufficient reason for adulation?

Avrohom Avinu, the Pillar of Loving Kindness, pleads with Hashem to spare Sedom. Yet later we see he reverses his position from defense advocate to concurring with the destruction of Sedom!? Regarding sending Yismael away the Torah informs us: “the matter was bad in the eyes of Avrohom”, yet Avrohom rises early the next morning, with alacrity to send Yishmael and Hagar away!? Finally why did Avrohom rush off with zeal again (“and Avrohom arose early in the morning”) to bring his “uniquely beloved son” Yitzchak to the Akeidah?

Please listen for an eye opening analysis of the true raison d’etre of Avrohom’s great midah (character trait) that established him as the Pillar of Loving Kindness. Discover that Avrohom was not simply “good natured” or “good hearted”, but rather his defining midah took its roots from something much more sublime and an emulation of The Divine!

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